What services does Relian Technologies offer?

Relian Technologies offers a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based workspace and collaboration suite. Our services don't need any special technical skills, allowing your team to work together better and focus on talking to customers. We make things easy to understand and use, provide great customer support, and use cost-effective, community-built technology where possible, making it easier and more economical than ever to work from anywhere in the world.

How does Relian Technologies deliver its services?

Relian Technologies' services can be used online. You just need to go to our website and log in with your own username and password. We have different ways to make sure it's really you logging in, like asking for a code from your phone, based on what our clients need. Our system is built in a way that uses the cloud to make sure it's secure, works well, can grow with your needs, and keeps up with the latest tech trends.

Where does Relian Technologies host Customer Data?

Relian Technologies stores customer information in different places around the world, based on what the client needs and the type of service they're using. If you want to know more about where these data centers are and how we use public cloud systems, check out our Trust Platform. If you have any questions, you can email us at privacy@relian.ca.

Does Relian Technologies comply with PIPEDA?

Yes, Relian Technologies adheres to Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in providing and operating our services.

Does PIPEDA permit cross-border transfer of personal information?

According to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s Processing Personal Data Across Borders Guidelines, PIPEDA allows Canadian organizations to transfer personal information to entities in other jurisdictions for processing. The guidelines emphasize that organizations must ensure a comparable level of personal information protection under each outsourcing arrangement, with transfers considered 'uses' rather than 'disclosures,' provided the processing aligns with the original collection purposes.

No, submitting Canadian personal information to Relian Technologies' services is considered a use of the information under PIPEDA. We process personal data strictly according to our clients' agreements and in line with our Terms of Service.

How does Relian Technologies support PIPEDA compliance for its clients?

Relian Technologies helps clients learn how to handle their data safely and responsibly. On our privacy page, you'll find information about protecting personal data. This includes our data processing agreement, which explains how we handle data, help clients with the rights of the people the data is about, keep things confidential, use subcontractors responsibly, protect data with security measures, deal with data breaches, transfer data across borders, and follow rules about deleting data. We make sure privacy and data protection are part of our product from start to finish, and we provide detailed documents and updates for our customers to review.

How does Relian Technologies protect Customer Data?

Relian Technologies implements a comprehensive privacy and security program to manage customer data use and protection. We employ various technical safeguards that undergo regular third-party audits and certifications.